About Us

Hi there! We're Regine and Isaiah -a mother and son duo. We started Lakay because of our love for food and culture. In Haitian Creole, 'Lakay' means home and that's exactly what we aim to share with you, a piece of our home. Being of Haitian descent and growing up immersed in Haitian culture meant experiencing all the beautiful things the lovely island has to offer and enjoying the rich and flavorful cuisine. Haitian food is full of Caribbean spices, fresh ingredients, and that perfect kick!

A Haitian staple that adds the perfect amount of heat, crunch, and a burst of flavor to all our dishes is Pikliz! We add it to just about anything to give us that taste of home! The spicy slaw pairs great with meat, seafood, sandwiches, veggies, and anything else you want to spice up! We're excited to share this best kept secret with you and can't wait to be regular in your home.

Thank you for inviting us to your dinner table! 

- Lakay